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Introducing the Motorola Media Engagement Barometer

If you’ve ever tried to help a parent program the VCR, set up voicemail, or create an email account, you may be surprised at the findings from a new study commissioned by the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility business. According to the Motorola Media Engagement Barometer, age is much less of a factor today in technology engagement than in the past. Not only are Americans of all ages more connected than ever before, but consumers across multiple generations are influencing the media and technology behaviors of their family, friends, and colleagues.

From the Motorola Media Engagement Barometer:

  • An almost equal number of Millennials (80%), Gen Xers (78%), and Boomers (78%) say they are  constantly connected to CE devices for communication and entertainment purposes
  • Seven in ten Americans feel it’s “important for me to always be accessible”
  • There are technology influencers across multiple generations, with the majority of Americans reporting that they influence the decisions of their children (75%), friends (74%), colleagues (67%), and parents (58%)

Millennials take the edge in influencing other cohorts, but Boomers and Gen Xers are coming on strong. More interesting, it appears that age is not the greatest determining factor in how Americans engage with media and technology. The issue is more one of lifestyle than age group; “my community” rather than “my generation”.

For more findings detailed by the Media Engagement Barometer, check out this page on the main Motorola site. The research was completed with the help of StrategyOne, which conducted 15-minute phone interviews of 1,000 Americans between the ages of 16 and 24. The sample size of 1,000 is considered representative, and the margin of error for the 1,000 respondents is pegged at plus or minus 3.1.

4 Responses

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