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Quarterly Shipment Numbers: Q4 2009

It’s time for another update on quarterly shipment numbers. To review data from previous quarters, click on the Category tab to the left and select Quarterly Shipment Numbers. Here are some of the highlights from Q4, with the full breakdown of numbers after the jump.

Q4 2009 Shipment Numbers

Home and Networks Mobility highlights:

  • Shipped 3.4 million digital entertainment devices, reaching milestone of shipping 100 millionth digital entertainment device
  • Achieved 1 millionth fiber-to-the-home optical network terminal shipment
  • Won contract to power the world’s first WiMAX-based electric utility smart metering for SP AusNet; shipped 10,000th WiMAX Access Point Base Site
  • Selected to provide indoor TD-LTE broadband coverage at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai
  • Announced intent to acquire BitBand Technologies Ltd., a company that specializes in video on demand for IPTV, and in January, acquired SecureMedia, Inc., a developer of software-based digital rights management and security systems for IP video

Digital Video Set-Top Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 3,411 (Does note include DTAs)
HD/HD DVRs: 1,026 (Does not include IPTV DVRs)
IPTV Set-Tops: 1,029

Modem Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 2,206
Data Only Modems/Gateways: 1,577
Voice Modems/Gateways: 629

MPEG Encoder Shipments

Overall Total: 1,234
MPEG-2: 605
MPEG-4: 629

CMTS/Edge Router Port Shipments

Downstream Ports: 13,914
Upstream Ports: 10,500

Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Shipments

ONT: 81,429
4 Port PON Cards: 621

WiMAX Shipments

Access Points: 2,727
CPE & PC Cards: 674,671

Note: If you are an industry analyst with questions, please call Kathy Wiesner at 847-875-0166.

3 Responses

  1. hello mari, just confirming, these are individual quarter shipments, not cumulative ones are they?

    and do you have any split on products between US and int’l markets?


  2. Richard- yes, these are individual quarter shipments. No splits available between US and international markets, unfortunately.

  3. […] suggest that more MPEG-4 broadcasts are on the way. In Q4 of 2009, shipments of MPEG-4 encoders outpaced shipments of the MPEG-2 variety. The MPEG-4 advantage means more content delivered and less bandwidth needed. It also means that […]

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