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New Set-Tops for Verizon with 320GB Hard Drives

Verizon announced earlier this week that it’s trialing new eco-friendly Motorola set-tops requiring less power and packaged with recycled and recyclable materials. What Verizon didn’t mention in the early announcement is that these same set-tops come with double the hard-drive size of current FiOS boxes. The new Motorola QIP7232 set-top model includes 320 GB of storage space in addition to a faster processor, more memory for future widgets and apps, and 20% greater energy efficiency. It’s also smaller and lighter weight than earlier models.

More specs below. Expect these set-tops to show up soon in select FiOS households.

Key hardware features:

  • Energy Star Tier 1 compliant
  • 320 GB hard drive
  • Upgraded memory: 512 MB DRAM, 64 MB Flash
  • Three-prong power supply
  • Recycled plastic front panel 20% post-consumer waste

8 Responses

  1. I want one, this is great! Good job Verizon! Larger hard drives and helping to save the environment at the same time! The current Motorola FiOS boxes consume over 25 watts when not in use!! Great job VZ and MOT!

  2. I like the design. Looks like a little smaller version of the DCX series. Actually I bet it’s the same specs as the DCX3400m but with the Verizon IP customization built in.

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  6. […] $15 a month. The set-top on offer here is the Motorola HDPVR 630. It’s a dual-tuner DVR with 320 GB of hard drive space, and an MPEG-4 […]

  7. […] City, and Chester Springs PA confirm that the new set-tops are making their way into Verizon homes. Originally launched with 320 gigabytes of storage, the DVRs were recently granted additional hard drive space. The name didn’t […]

  8. I live in NY and I got an e-mail from Verizon on 2/16/11 saying “The wait is over” and the 500GB Home Medic DVR’s were available for a $39.95 upgrade fee. I followed the links and got my box today (2/17/11). It was the Motorola QIP7232 2 with a 320BG HD, NOT the Cisco with the 500 GB HD. I was told that if I wanted the Cisco, all my boxes would have to be changed to the Cisco. Verizon didn’t even know the drive capasity as one tech told me that the box WAS 500GB. Also the eSata is not available. If I didn’t get what I paid for I may just cancel myt service and go back to Cablevison. I want what was advertised, not a smaller HD DVD!

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