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The Future of Video

Prognostication is a dangerous business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t study human behaviors today and work toward a future we think is possible and desirable. That’s a big part of what the Motorola Applied Research Center does, and the staff there includes anthropologist Crysta Metcalf. Among the many studies Crysta and her team have conducted, one of the findings that appears to come up regularly is that if you give people more opportunities to be social, they take them. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the popularity of instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and the like. But the conclusion suggests that there is significant room for innovation in a space where Motorola is heavily focused – namely, video.

We’ve seen the beginnings of social TV in the form of social networking apps added to the television interface. However, the possibilities for exploring and sharing with each other as friends, family members, and colleagues through video have barely been addressed. This is where Motorola has begun to direct its attention. The concepts Motorola is exploring now are not going to be introduced as new features tomorrow, but they are already informing new technology developments.

In the coming days, Motorola will both present a vision for the future of video and announce product news that helps to pave the way toward that future vision. It’s all part of the lead-up to The Cable Show 2010. We have some news from the ANGA event tomorrow, and then starting on Wednesday, look here for more on Motorola’s plans for The Cable Show and beyond.

2 Responses

  1. […] The heart of Motorola Medios right now is software for content and service management. If that technology sounds familiar, it comes out of the Motorola acquisition of Leapstone a few years back. However, we’ve taken significant steps forward with the Leapstone technology. We are also building a framework that will act as an interface between devices (set-tops, gateways, etc.) and the content and service management modules within the software suite. The point of the framework is to pull everything up into the cloud so that consumer devices aren’t responsible for the heavy lifting involved with personalization and contextual content delivery. […]

  2. […] illustrate what our relationship to video might look like in five or ten years. It’s based on research done through Motorola’s Applied Research Center under the guidance of anthropologist Crysta Metcalf. No product advertisements here, just a vision […]

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