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Introducing Motorola Medios, Part Two

Editor’s Note: See “Introducing Motorola Medios, Part One” for the first post on Medios

Still have questions on Motorola Medios? Consider this part two of the introduction to Motorola’s new software suite. Below is a question-and-answer session with Motorola Senior Director Buddy Snow. My questions. His answers. Enjoy.

Q&A with Motorola Senior Director of Solutions Marketing Buddy Snow

There seem to be a lot of parts and pieces to Motorola Medios. Can you define very briefly what’s included in the software suite?

The heart of Motorola Medios right now is software for content and service management. If that technology sounds familiar, it comes out of the Motorola acquisition of Leapstone a few years back. However, we’ve taken significant steps forward with the Leapstone technology. We are also building a framework that will act as an interface between devices (set-tops, gateways, etc.) and the content and service management modules within the software suite. The point of the framework is to pull everything up into the cloud so that consumer devices aren’t responsible for the heavy lifting involved with personalization and contextual content delivery.

Is Motorola going into the Guide business?

Motorola is not going into the Guide business. We’ve created a reference design of an EPG to illustrate what Motorola Medios can do, but we work very closely with partners who are in the Guide business, and we are not getting into that game. The point is to show how our IP platform can be used to create a consistent UI across devices and to add and manage content and features in almost a modular fashion. The reference design is our chance to put a face on the back-end functionality that Medios brings.

How does this new solution help advance the FCC’s goal of fostering continuing video device innovation?

Motorola Medios shares the FCC’s vision of bringing IP into the home, which we agree will be a key driver of continuing device innovation. Motorola’s Medios software is based on open standards like IP, and is modular, making it a very flexible and interoperable solution.

And our software is very open. Motorola has solutions at every point along the video delivery system, but if an operator just wants content management, the Medios software will work with non-Motorola technology, including set-tops, DRM solutions, and network infrastructure equipment. We think we’ve got the best answer in each of those areas, but our customers do not have to be tied to Motorola in other ways in order to take advantage of Medios.

What is available to buy today, and what’s the timeline for the entire suite of products?

The first modules for content and service management are available today, and we’re in conversations with a number of our customers about those software products. The bigger promise of Medios, including the framework described earlier, will evolve over time.

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