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G.hn, MoCA 2.0 and the Home Networking Landscape

The G.hn home networking standard was approved by the ITU last fall, and just this week, MoCA ratified its 2.0 spec. So which standard will win out with cable and telco providers? And where does 802.11N fit in?

I asked these questions and others in a conversation with Motorola Senior Director Ken Haase back in April. His take? There is no single winning standard. The right technology choice depends on the application being delivered, and several options are being tested by different providers. Operators have to consider:

  • Speed
  • Equipment placement in the home
  • Connection to the network outside the home
  • Industry backers
  • Configuration requirements
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Compatibility

Today 802.11N is primarily used for data connectivity allowing users to browse the internet, check email, etc.  But improvements in antenna technology and packet reliability are in development to make it truly viable for video delivery throughout the home. In the meantime, operators are focused primarily on G.hn, MoCA 2.0, HomePlug and HPNA. Need a quick primer on the differences? Ken Haase outlined the main characteristics of each technology in a presentation he gave at NAB this year. Scan the chart below for a quick primer.

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