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The 3D TV Road Ahead

Two stories on 3D this week point in opposite directions for the future of the technology. On the one hand, Panasonic introduced a 3D camcorder designed to get consumers interested in producing their own 3D content. Even if it takes a while for the studios to stock  their own libraries, the idea is that consumers will still be able to enjoy their own home videos in 3D. On the other hand, The Wrap, a publication covering Hollywood, has posted data suggesting that the revenue share from 3D movie screenings is declining. In other words, more consumers may be choosing to watch films in 2D rather than the more expensive 3D showings. There could be several reasons for that: lower quality 3D production with some films, consumer belt-tightening, even concern that some children will be scared by certain movies in 3D. But whatever the reason, if the numbers are right, then studios and distributors need to look more closely at what makes certain 3D films successful, and learn how to replicate that success for film and television in the future.

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