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Managing the Home Network

Motorola launched a new software package today called the Motorola EDGE Service Assurance Software Suite. Designed for remote customer support functions, the software is based on technology from the Netopia acquisition back in 2007, but expands on that earlier system with new features and support for more devices. The EDGE suite works with a range of consumer equipment including modems, gateways, set-tops, and mobile devices. As an open platform, the EDGE software supports third-party equipment in addition to Motorola’s products. It also complies with numerous standards including Broadband Forum’s TR-069, SNMP, OMA-DM,WIB, Telnet and HTTP DL Server protocols.

Home networks have come a long way in the last five years, and their increasing complexity means service providers are often required to diagnose and resolve more problems from afar. Motorola has been providing service assurance solutions to the telecom community for years, and first introduced a cable solution in March of 2009. By integrating a lot of this technology in one software suite, the company is addressing the entire ecosystem of home broadband devices now with one customizable solution. Among other modules, many of which are adapted from Motorola’s earlier NBBS solutions, today’s launch includes a diagnostic application for IP set-tops, allowing real-time self-diagnostics and reporting. Expect more from the Edge platform in the near future. Today it includes:

  • Individual Protocol Packages: TR-069, SNMP and OMA-DM
  • DOCSIS® 3.0 Speed Test
  • WiMax Management
  • HomeNet Gateway Management
  • Microsoft® Mediaroom™ Set-top Management
  • Smartstream Terminal Data Collector
  • Voice Management
  • Mobile Management
  • eCare Help Desk Application
  • MotoPLYR for IPTV Set-Tops

4 Responses

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