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TV Bookmarks, QWERTY Keyboards, and More

The concept of how Motorola’s Medios software can be implemented continues to evolve. In this video from last week’s IBC event, watch exec Malcolm Latham demo different features of Motorola’s TV guide platform including: program restart, show bookmarks, recommendation settings, and social networking integration. Latham even shows off the new Motorola QWERTY keyboard remote for easier data input. The remote sparked a lot of speculation when it debuted a week and a half ago. You’ll get an inkling for one way it could be used in this on-site demo.

Jump to about the 1:15 mark of the video above to skip some of the intro stuff. And if you need a primer on Medios, check out this Q&A.

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  8. Where me find interesting pictures and photos, here is an analog of the portal
    Thank you all for your attention.

  9. […] been showing off a reference UI for the TV since The Cable Show back in May. The demo got a few updates at IBC last month, and now at SCTE it’s gone through another upgrade. The goal here is to show […]

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