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The 500GB FiOS Set-Tops are Rolling

Motorola QIP7232 Verizon Fios 500 GB DVR

The new Motorola QIP7232 DVRs with 500 GB of storage are now officially in the FiOS line-up. Reports from FiOS subscribers in Dallas/Fort Worth, New York City, and Chester Springs PA confirm that the new set-tops are making their way into Verizon homes. Originally launched with 320 gigabytes of storage, the DVRs were recently granted additional hard drive space. The name didn’t change (making the numbering system a bit confusing), but the box did. Here are some additional specs:

  • Expanded memory for new IMG applications
  • MoCA 1.1
  • MPEG-4 capable (requires a software update due soon)
  • eSATA capable (!) (requires a software update also coming soon)
  • Smaller and lighter than earlier QIP models, and with up to 30% greater energy efficiency

It looks like 500GB is becoming the default DVR hard drive size these days. Add eSATA support on top of that, and you’ve got yourself some serious HD storage space.

11 Responses

  1. Bout time! 500GB should be the minimum standard today. I thought that the new Verizon DVR did not have a clock/channel display on the front? It looked a lot like your picture, just without the LED. Perhaps that was another model.

    Progressing forward is nice to see. Now only if I could get Fios! Que Verizon…. (please wire 19606 ?) Thanks 🙂

  2. Any word on when FIOS will be activating eSATA for older boxes?

  3. If you are a current FIOS customer how do you go about getting the new box?

  4. Of course. I just installed FiOS a month ago with the old 160GB DVR and the HD capacity is terrible! Does anyone know how Verizon will handle customer upgrades?

    • just call them and they will send you a new box or goto the fios store if u have one in your area. they will replace it for free

  5. Best bet is to continue trolling the forums for the latest info on how to commandeer an upgraded box, or when the eSATA upgrade will hit. Sadly- I don’t have any further official information.

  6. Great news for my FiOS brethern! I’m in Manhattan Beach, CA and have been driven close to madness trying to cope with my original HD-DVR’s puny 160 Gb hard drive. After reading here that they are rolling-out these new units in Texas and elsewhere, I decided to call-in and try my luck.

    Called FiOS Tech Support at 800-314-7045, got transferred to customer support and had a new unit winging my way in under 5-minutes, NO QUESTIONS ASKED… NO BICKERING… awesome!

    Best of all, cost: FREE!

  7. […] and specifically in the VOD library. Reports are also coming in from the DSLReports forums that the eSata port is now open on the Motorola QIP7200 set-tops. And, near and dear to my heart, the multi-room DVR service (Home Media DVR) now lets subscribers […]

  8. There WAS a link on the MY VERIZON page to request the new boxes. That is how I got mine. When I got the e-mail saying the 500GB box was available on 2/16/11 @ 7pm, I acted quickly and got the box today (2/17/11). The only downfall is it only has the HDMI, Composite and NO regular Video / Audio out so I was unable to hook up my VCR through the connections so I can’t record TV programs, I had to use the HDMI for my combo DVD / VCR Recorder.

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