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SecureMedia in the Motorola Xoom

As you’ve seen here , the Motorola Xoom tablet was announced last week at the annual CES show, but what you may not know is how security plays an important role in the device.

Unlike any other tablet available now, Motorola Xoom features an unparalleled security infrastructure based on the Encryptonite ONE™ DRM solution from SecureMedia (acquired last January by Motorola) to protect the consumption of premium, high value content. Motorola’s implementation of the Encryptonite ONE™ System includes factory-provisioned digital certificates that are embedded into the Xoom (as well as all Motorola Droid phones from November 2010) that provide an ironclad “root of trust” as well as true authentication of the device to ensure reliable device authorization.

SecureMedia has also integrated the Encryptonite ONE™ System with the open standard HLS specification for Adaptive Streaming (Apple IETF Draft Submission) which ensures top video quality and a consistent viewing experience when accessing content across various networks and variable bandwidths.

The combination of the advanced content protection provided by the SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE™ System and HLS Adaptive Streaming establishes the Xoom as a trusted platform, unlike any other tablet on the market today, for accessing high definition (720p) premium entertainment content from the Hollywood studios and leading content owners.

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