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More on……IPTV World Forum 2011: Another Big Year for IPTV

Looking at the agenda for IPTV World Forum, it is clear to see that IPTV is an international phenomenon and there are lessons to be learned from both developed and emerging markets.

Telegeography has noted that Western Europe remains the largest IPTV market accounting for 40% of global subscribers in 2010. Asia Pacific followed closely behind with 35% and a growth rate that doubled that of Western Europe. Telegeography believes that Asia Pacific will surpass Western by the end of 2011.

The markets that are leading the adoption of IPTV are France (23% of the global total), China (16%), the US (16%), South Korea (8%) and Japan (4%), according to Telegeography.

“In aggregate, telcos around the world have succeeded in selling IPTV services to over 10% of their broadband internet customer base,’ said TeleGeography’s John Dinsdale. ‘With some 90% of the broadband base left to be targeted, clearly there is room for substantial IPTV growth.”

With the addressable market still huge and new services being developed everyday, at Motorola we are excited to gather again at IPTV World Forum 2011 as the industry continues to define the future of IPTV.

Motorola will be reporting live from IPTV World Forum all week long and sharing our thoughts on all the discussions and debates throughout the event.

IPTV World Forum 2011
22-24 March
Olympia, London, UK

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