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Part One: 4Home Q&A with Jim Hunter

As you know, Motorola Mobility acquired 4Home back in Dec 2010. With the CTIA Wireless Show taking place this week, I recently got a chance to sit down with Jim Hunter, Fellow of Technical Staff at Motorola Mobility to learn a bit more about 4Home and how it plays into the larger home strategy of Motorola Mobility.

Q: Can you explain what 4Home does?
A: Sure. 4Home provides an award-winning connected home software platform to world-class partners in retail, service provider, and utility markets who desire to offer their consumers energy management, home control, or monitoring solutions. Our platform gives the consumer a simple and intuitive application for staying connected to their home, regardless of location. The application is delivered over the Internet and provides comfort, security, convenience, and awareness to consumers through multiple user-friendly interfaces including smartphones, Web browsers, tablets, and TVs.

Q: Why did Motorola Mobility decide to acquire 4Home?
A: Motorola is focused on building the industry’s best cloud-based software suite, which includes Medios, EDGE and SecureMedia, to enable service providers to offer advanced multi-screen services to their subscribers. 4Home’s open-standards based software platform is strongly aligned with that vision, and a natural fit.

Q: How does Motorola foresee the 4Home acquisition playing into its larger home strategy?
A: Motorola Mobility has performed primary consumer research that clearly indicates consumers want to be more connected and yet more mobile. At the same time, we are in an unprecedented era of convergence: cloud and walled garden, MPEG & IP, mobile phones and computing, content & community. The end result is that service providers must find a way to keep their services in front of subscribers at all times, and those services must help make subscribers lives better in some meaningful way.

The net result for service providers is they must build a sophisticated service management system in the cloud that works with all devices over any network. This need drove the design of Motorola Medios for content services, and it also drove the design of the 4Home solution for home management services. By adding the 4Home services to Mobility’s existing content services management, we now have a full spectrum of consumer service capability that will help service providers improve customer satisfaction, increase ARPU, and reduce churn.

Like with Medios, the 4Home consumer applications will be tightly integrated with Motorola Mobility smartphones and tablets to give consumers a superlative experience.

Q: Is Motorola currently integrating any 4Home technologies/products into its set top box and/or Medios software platform?
A: Our current focus is meeting our customer commitments, selling the 4Home solution into new customers, and integrating our consumer experience into the full range of Motorola Mobility devices.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow…

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