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“Experiences Learnt in the Roll Out of DOCSIS 3.0 Services”


My colleague Malcolm Latham, senior marketing manager, Home business EMEA, Motorola Mobility visited the 2011 Anga Show this year and discusses a very interesting panel he attended. See below for his contributed blog post:

ANGA Cable, held annually inCologneGermanyduring the first week of May is the main trade fair inEuropefor the Cable, Broadband and Satellite industry. It is a good place to find out what are the issues facing operators today and discover the solutions being proposed to address these.

Along with over 100 others I attended a panel on ‘Experiences learnt in the roll out of DOCSIS 3.0 services’, which addressed the pressing issue for cable operators on how to dramatically expand capacity on the network cost effectively, in particular in the upstream / return path. In the past the focus has been on increasing downstream capacity for more video and broadband. Today more services are using the return path for video conferencing, home monitoring & control, online backup and symmetrical bandwidth services forEnterprisecustomers (perhaps an untapped market?).

Arris, Motorola & Genband presented.                                                                                                     

Dr Ayham Al-Banna, Systems Architect from Arris summarised the options for the physical layer of next generation networks, which included OFDM, S-CDMA, ATDMA and DWMT (anything with ‘wavelets’ must be good!), while presenting the pros and cons of each technology, mainly a trade-off between noise immunity and complexity, there was no clear recommendation on which should be adopted.

Mike Gannon, Senior Technical Architect at Motorola Mobility, gave real life examples of what is being achieved today using S-CDMA in conjunction with the latest DOCSIS 3.0 receiver technology. He presented the results from the world record achieved at Cox Communications inLas Vegasand commented on the EURODOCIS World record of 301Mbps in the upstream to a single fibre node set live on the show floor. 

When asked by an operator on the suitability of F-P lasers for S-CDMA traffic, Arris passed on the question, Mike clarified that they are being used today with S-SCDMA and that the bandwidth achievable depends on the operators existing network configuration, but in general ‘S-CDMA can be deployed on virtually any existing cable network.’

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