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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of October 24

Cable and telecom experts spent three days discussing industry issues at the 10th Annual TelcoTV Conference that took place inNew Orleans this week. Eric Bruno, VP of Product Management at Verizon Communications, was the keynote speaker and emphasized the relevance of over-the-top video and the increasing consumer demand for home automation. In fact, Verizon Communications took home one of the 2011 Vision Awards for its FiOS Home Monitoring and Control system powered by Motorola 4Home. In his speech, Bruno also points out the growing number of IP-connected devices that fragments the traditional linear TV viewing experience. For instance, his family of 5 has access to 21 different IP-connected devices! This emergence of tablets also necessitates an increase in bandwidth. A study by Bytemobile shows that users are spending more time watching mobile video at higher resolutions and operators are diligently working to accommodate this surge in demand.

In other news, Kristin Frank, general manager of VH1 and MTV Digital, shares the enormous opportunities social media provide advertisers and programmers, comparing the real-time social media buzz to a global “watercooler” conversation. She adds that the linkage between TV and social media is the only way to keep your audience engaged, interested and entertained.

1. TelcoTV Announces 2011 Vision Award Winners(Oct. 27) – Light Reading: TelcoTV, the largest video conference and expo focused on the U.S. service provider market, today announced the winners of the fourth annual TelcoTV Vision Awards.

2. Verizon’s Over-the-Top Home Control (Oct. 26) – Light Reading: Verizon Communications Inc. intends to start selling its new home control and security product nationwide sometime next year, company VP of Product Management Eric Bruno.

3. More tablets means video hogs even more bandwidth (Oct. 24) – By Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM: Time for mobile operators to hit the panic button — mobile video use is increasing across their networks and users are choosing to watch higher resolution clips when they sit down for a video-watching session.

4. Social media’s power to amplify TV programming (Oct. 24) – By Kristin Frank, MTV and VH1 Digital: Social media platforms are providing TV networks with new screens to program to drive even greater engagement and advertiser benefit.

5. Twitter and TV Get Close to Help Each Other Grow (Oct. 25) – By Brian Stelter, The New York Times: Type the term “X Factor” into Twitter’s search engine on a Thursday night and within moments, hundreds of viewer compliments and complaints about show will appear.

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