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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of November 7

This week, Adobe decided to scrap its mobile Flash platform for Android. Additionally, the company stopped plans to develop the runtime software for connected TVs and set-top boxes as well. Barnes & Noble also launched the new NookTablet to rival Amazon’s Kindle Fire and GigaOM and ZDNet report that Netflix and Hulu+ will be pre-installed on the devices. These streaming features could be appealing to consumers who are interested in entertainment on-the-go. According to Mashable, a whopping 80% of smartphone owners admit to multitasking while watching TV. The study shows that 15% of viewers are on their phones for the entire duration of the TV show. Activity also skyrockets during halftime in sports games. During this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, Yahoo Sports mobile traffic went up 305%!

Do you multitask on your devices when you watch TV? If so, does it enhance your viewing experience or detract from it?

1. Adobe Scrapping Flash for TV, Tooý (Nov. 10) – By John Paczkowski, All Things D: The company seems to have given up on its effort to bring Flash to the television, as well.

2. Netflix will be pre-installed on the new Nook (Nov. 7) – By Om Malik, GigaOM: Netflix is going to launch an app on the new Nook, introduced earlier this morning by book retailer, Barnes & Noble.

3. Streaming video on tablets: Do customers actually care? (Nov. 7) – By Jason Perlow, ZDNet: Amazon and Barnes & Noble may throw around streaming video as a marketing tool to postion their products, but real mobile usage data indicates that users aren’t watching a lot of streaming feature films and TV on their tablets.

4. 80% of Smartphone Users Multitask While Watching TV (Nov. 10) – By Zoe Fox, Mashable: It’s been said that multitasking makes you less productive, yet that hasn’t stopped the majority of U.S. smartphone users from juggling multiple devices.

5. No live TV streams: Here’s why? (Nov. 6) – By Tristan Louis, Business Insider: The tech world is abuzz at the news that Google may start providing cable television service in the United States but there could be several challenges to their efforts as incumbents may have issues with this intrusion and may block them by withholding popular fares.

One Response

  1. On that 5th link, it would be nice if you linked to the source material ( http://www.tnl.net/blog/2011/11/06/live-tv-streams-challenges/ ) instead of a syndicated version of the article 🙂


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