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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of December 5

The results are in – viewers want social TV. According to Motorola’s 2011 Media Engagement Barometer survey, consumers have migrated away from traditional TV viewing habits and have adopted an “anytime, anywhere” mentality regarding TV consumption. The Media Engagement Barometer revealed that we spend about six hours a week on social networking sites; these findings open the floodgates for converged media opportunities. For instance, Mashable speculates that Netflix and Hulu will soon infiltrate our Facebook newsfeeds allowing us to check out what shows and movies our friends are watching. Verizon is teaming up with Redbox to launch a web-based video service next spring. GigaOM predicts Verizon’s over-the-top service will rival major online players like Netflix and Hulu.

Lastly, recent deals between the NFL and ESPN are raising network fees by over $3 billion a year! In result, providers might sharply hike up our cable bills to compensate for the expensive content rights. For those of you football fans, how much would you pay to watch sports programming?

1. Moto Study: Subs Want TV Social, Ubiquitous (Dec. 7) Broadband Technology Report: According to Motorola Mobility‘s “2011 Motorola Mobility Media Engagement Barometer,” consumer interest in social media connectivity and demand for “anytime, anywhere” entertainment is shifting the traditional TV viewing experience.

2. What You Watch on Hulu and Netflix Is a Little Closer to Appearing on Facebook (Dec. 8th) Mashable:  You know all those Spotify updates clogging up the ticker in your Facebook news feed? You might soon be seeing similar updates about what your friends are watching on Netflix or Hulu.

3. Verizon and Redbox Plan To Offer Streaming Movie and TV Shows In 2012 (Dec. 7) By Chris Chavez, Phandroid: Verizon is reportedly in talks with Redbox to team up and compete with Netflix by offering streaming video content to a variety of devices and set top boxes.

4. Why Verizon wants to go over-the-top (Dec. 6) By Ryan Lawler, GigaOM: Verizon is working on launching a streaming subscription video service that could compete directly against online players like Netflix and Hulu Plus, according to Reuters.

5. Cable-TV Honchos Cry Foul Over Soaring Cost of ESPN (Dec. 6) By Sam Schechner, The Wall Street Journal: Dissent is growing within the media business over the rising cost of sports programming, even as the NFL is negotiating new agreements that are expected to boost broadcast networks’ fees by 60% to about $3.2 billion a year.


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