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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of January 16

Post-CES news continued to dominate tech media this week with our Connected Home Gateway garnering additional praise from CEPro. Multichannel News added that the theme of CES revolved around video everywhere on multiple screens and devices, an area where we focus many of our efforts. The article also highlights tablet TV and features Comcast’s AnyPlay device, which leverages Motorola Televation technology.

In industry news this week, several popular websites, such as Reddit.com and Wikipedia, shut down their pages in protest of the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). GigaOM’s Ryan Lawler argues that studios are partially responsible for making pirated streams and downloads too easy for consumers to access, adding that consumers are willing to pay for content. In other news, Reuters’ John Abell wrote an opinion piece detailing the evolution of television towards widespread adoption of TV Everywhere, which is quickly expanding and becoming a standard in the cable industry, although the controversy over content will continue. In fact, Sports Business Daily reports that ESPN is currently negotiating with MLB Advanced Media to adopt TV Everywhere as multi-platform viewing continues to gain popularity. How would you feel about watching sports games on your tablet?

1. CES 2012: The Good, The Bad, The Dubious (Jan. 15) By Julie Jacobson, CEPro: Avi Rosenthal muses about Motorola 4Home, strange cloud thermostats, faux tubes on Samsung’s “tube amp” and more from CES 2012.

2. CES: Drive to ‘Video Everywhere’ Shifts Into High Gear (Jan. 16) By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News: For the TV industry, the focus of many CES demos and announcements last week revolved around getting access to video content on multiple screens and devices.

3. How Hollywood drives people to piracy (Jan. 19) By Ryan Lawler, GigaOM: Media companies have been pushing SOPA and PIPA as a way to limit piracy, but it’s the studios’ fault.

4. TV 2012: A tale of two sets (Jan. 18) By John Abell, Reuters: There’s a whole lot going on in the world of television, the medium that has dominated the world’s attention for three generations and was supposed to — at the very least — become an also-ran to the Internet.

5. ESPN and MLB are on a TV Everywhere collision course (Jan. 16) By John Ourand, Sports Business Daily: MLB Advanced Media will be pressured to adopt TV Everywhere principles this year when MLB negotiates its next media-rights deal.

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