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Media Experiences 2 Go is an official blog out of the Motorola Mobility Home business. While it is a corporate blog, posts only reflect one person’s opinion and not necessarily those of the company and/or its stakeholders.


The fun of corporate blogging is that everyone is still trying to figure out how it should work. In the case of this blog, we are using the medium as an excuse to spend time digging into what’s happening within our own company. No one ever has the time to share everything they’re working on, but many times if you ask them about it, you’ll get an answer.

This blog is also about commenting on an industry that is changing at light speed. What you read is certainly a Motorola perspective, but it’s also a point of view that comes from the collective intelligence of a lot of experts in broadband communications and entertainment.

Finally, this blog presents an opportunity for us to hear from you, people outside Motorola. Direct access works both ways. We write to you and you write to us. If you’ve got feedback, post your thoughts. We’ll do our best to keep the conversation going.

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