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In The Middle of Super Bowl Action – Right From Your Couch

What will you be doing when the Giants take the field versus the Patriots for Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday? Gathered around a TV with friends and family, or catching the game while on the move? This year viewers will be able to watch the game in thrilling new ways, while enjoying rich, deep content — stats, clips, interviews and more – on every screen in the house.

How the times have changed. In 1967, fans watched the Packers demolish the Chiefs in the first-ever Super Bowl. It was probably like watching NASA video from the moon: grainy, scratchy, black-and-white. Now, fans can be immersed in a maxed out experience with video streams of action, background information, stats for fantasy league challenges and behind-the-scenes access. All this can be delivered to tablets, smartphones and screens in HD, 3D and DD 5.1. This Super Bowl is the first of many events in a new era of integrated experiences for fans at home.

So, how will you watch? Will you take the game with you as you walk around your house and hang out with friends in the kitchen? This is possible with Motorola Televation, which lets you stream your full channel line-up to your tablet, live, over your home network so that you can watch it anywhere in your house. Or will you stay on the couch and use your tablet to stream highlights or re-watch favorite commercials? Perhaps you’ll even use your smartphone to post a status update with your thoughts on the game. 

Whatever your plans include, learn more about the evolving fan experience and how rich content is being delivered today in the video below. Let us know what you’d like to see in your future entertainment experiences!   

EastLink Brings All MPEG-4 HD Services to Consumers

Bandwidth intensive services like high-speed Internet, HDTV and 3DTV continue to put a heavy strain on networks.  That is no longer an issue for EastLink, Canada’s largest privately held Cable company, who will now be able to increase high definition (HD) services for its customers. EastLink will now incorporate MPEG-4 video compression technology in all of its broadcast and on-demand HD services.  This major step is a first in the industry and solves bandwidth requirements for EastLink, especially as more services migrate to HD and 3DTV. EastLink deployed the Motorola SE-6601 Encoder to offer MPEG-4 encoding along with two HD set-tops, the DCX3400-M and DCX700-M. These set-tops allow for the migration of HD broadcast and on-demand services to MPEG-4, again saving bandwidth without sacrificing the user experience or picture quality. 

The Motorola SE6000 line of Encoders includes our patented perceptual video processing technology that selectively attenuates details in an image, leading to improved compression efficiencies. Additionally, through integrating the Motorola CAP1000, EastLink can now benefit from more advanced capabilities like ad insertion, rate shaping and simultaneous channel substitutions.

The move to provide all HD services in MPEG-4 allows EastLink to free-up the bandwidth needed to easily support the first steps to IPTV delivery. Read more in today’s announcement.

2011 NAB Show

Motorola Mobility is at the 2011 NAB Show this week showing demos ranging from 3D TV to the launch of its SocialTV Companion Service, targeted at service providers looking to deliver multi-screen experiences to their customers. Check out some photos below from the show floor:

Motorola Mobility at CCBN 2011

While the CTIA Show was taking place in Las Vegas recently and IP&TV World Forum was taking place in London at the same time, the 19th annual China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN Show) was taking place around the same time in China and Motorola Mobility was well represented at this event.

Motorola had a key speaking slot “Navigating in a Converged World” delivered by Keith Kelly, vice president and general manager for EMEA and ASIA Pacific CPE home devices, Motorola Mobility. His speech highlighted the key trends that are evolving in the industry, the pressures that service providers are faced with and how convergence is creating new revenue opportunities. Keith concluded by introducing Motorola’s Converged Experiences solutions and explained how it enables consumers to watch TV anywhere in the home on multiple devices.

Interactive demonstrations at the stand included 3D TV, Gaming, Video on Demand (VoD), Multi-screen management and Social TV all which highlighted Motorola Mobility’s thought leadership on delivering personalized rich-media video experiences to the consumer.

New Converged Experiences and 3DTV videos

In the mix of CES last week, I uncovered a few new Motorola Mobility videos of interest. Consumers want to access and exchange content via the Internet and mobile networks. This is influencing people’s expectations to take and consume their content any time and place and driving demand for more immersive, converged experiences. Check out the converged experiences video here:

In the second video, Motorola shows consumers watching and reacting to 3D TV in their homes and how enhancements to their set-tops help provide an enhanced 3D TV experience.

Favorite Posts from 2010, Part 2

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, here are some of my favorite posts from the second half of 2010.

July: New Multi-Room DVR: Pause Live TV, Record Anywhere – covering a multi-room DVR deployment with Cincinnati Bell including features not available in larger operator environments

August: VOD Economics: Are We There Yet? – on collapsing release windows and other signs that the economics for VOD are improving

September: Perceptual Video Processing Cuts Bitrate in Half – how to use PVP to cut bandwidth requirements while maintaining video quality

October: What Ever Happened to CMTS Silver? – discussing the future of upstream bandwidth

November: Options for Cable IP Video Deliverydetailing different ways for cable operators to deliver video over IP

December: From Wireless Gateways to AllVid, A Look Back – on the evolution of gateways in the home

Favorite Posts from 2010, Part 1

As we wind up 2010, I’ve gathered a list of some of my favorite posts from the year. Some were popular. Others weren’t. But I like this list because it covers a range of topics that were important in 2010 – from 3D, to VOD, to IP, to home networking. Here are my selections for the first six months of the year.

January: Will 3D Push the Industry to MPEG-4? – covering compression and bandwidth requirements for 3D TV

February: Five Recommendations to Improve VOD – on live television capture, in-channel VOD, and more

March: What’s Important in a TV Service? VOD, for One on integrating VOD with retail CE devices

April: Cable IP Migration a Little Easier, Less Expensive – detailing an IP migration technique at the headend

May: On Google TV, Part Two – covering the launch of Google TV, and IP versus OTT video

June: G.hn, MoCA 2.0 and the Home Networking Landscapea comparison of home networking standards