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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of Jan. 30

What good are your favorite TV shows, songs and photos if you can’t share them? Motorola Mobility’s Larry Robinson discusses how the company has opened the floodgates for content delivery and sharing.  He highlights the company’s efforts to transform DVR recording units into home video gateways, designed to stream content to other IP-connected devices in the home.

The way we consume content has certainly changed as we grow more and more attached to our second screens. In fact, survey results show that the average Super Bowl viewer will check their mobile device up to 10 times during the game and almost a third of viewers will have their devices in hand while they watch the big game! Specifically, advertisers are leveraging social media as an opportunity to advocate their brands and keep viewers engaged. The value of these channels can be seen in Facebook’s public filing this week as the company seeks to raise a whopping $5 billion. Do you plan on using Facebook or Twitter during the big game?

1. Motorola’s New Strategy Brings Content to your Tablet (Jan. 28) By Jillian, PadGadget: Motorola has the details on how they would change the face of DVRs by replacing those recording units with home video gateways designed to move content between all of your devices and technology (including gaming consoles, computers, tablets, smartphones or other set-top boxes).

2. Super Bowl Viewers Will Check Phones 10 Times During the Game (Feb. 1) By Sam Laird, Mashable: Nearly half of Super Bowl XLVI viewers will check their mobile device as many as 10 times during the game, and almost a third of viewers under age 45 will watch the game “with device in hand.”

3. Super Bowl advertisers seek buzz on social media (Jan. 29) By Yinka Adegoke, Reuters: In the age of Twitter and Facebook, many Super Bowl viewers will use the commercial breaks to go online and see what people are saying about the game. This year, advertisers want them to tweet about their favorite commercials as well.

4. Facebook Seeks to Raise Up to $5 Billion in Biggest Internet IPO on Record (Feb. 2) By Brian Womack, Bloomberg: Facebook Inc., the social-networking website that in eight years changed the way the world communicates, filed to raise $5 billion in the largest Internet initial public offering on record.

5. TV’s Next Target: 4K Displays (Jan. 30) By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News: The next big leap in high definition TV is so eerily realistic, watching it is almost like looking out a picture window.

IPv6 Webinar for Cable Operators

Join Motorola Mobility on February 8th @ 1pm EDT  for a Webinar on “Making the IPv6 Transition for Cable” hosted by Light Reading. Geared to cable operators, this Webinar will cover transition challenges, trade-offs, and strategies for upgrading from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to IPv6. Mike Patrick, Motorola Data Networking Architect, will discuss the routing issues associated with ISIS vs. OSPFv3 and what it means to secure the host access verification with prefix delegation.  Click here to REGISTER.

Delivering the Most Advanced Digital Cable TV Network in Malaysia

Motorola Mobility will provide Malaysia’s Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN) the equipment and services to launch the country’s most advanced digital cable TV network in the second quarter of 2012.

Within the next five years, the new network will give six-million households access to more than 200 channels of news, education, entertainment, movies, sports and local programming. Motorola Mobility’s technology will enable ABN to also support future services such as video-on-demand, social TV and interactive gaming, alongside high-speed Internet and voice services, establishing ABN as a true triple-play provider. For more information, read the full press release.

Motorola Mobility Holiday Shopping Deals

Consumers took full advantage and racked up on Cyber Monday and Black Friday holiday deals, breaking records. Reuters reported this week from comScore Inc, a Web tracking site that “Cyber Monday sales hit a record $1.25 billion, up 22 percent from the same day last year.”

While Cyber Monday has passed, Motorola Mobility will continue to offer great shopping deals. Mobile devices is continuing week long deals here and the Motorola SURFboard SB6121 Wired Cable Modem and the SBG6580 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Gateway will be discounted in big retail chains like Best Buy, Staples and Radio Shack throughout December. Consumers can snag DSL modems for $15 off the MSRP until 12/17 @ Best Buy, $15 off the SBG6580 @ Staples and $10 off the SB6121 @ Staples and RadioShack.

The Connected Home Becomes a Smart Home

The home automation industry has followed a long and tortuous road, but a number of new products on the market and planned broadband services suggest we may have turned a corner. Word came out today that Verizon has a smart-home trial planned for next month, and a broader commercial launch scheduled for some time in the first half of 2011. The service will work with Motorola’s 4Home technology, and will include networked cameras, thermostat and appliance monitors, and automated lighting controls, among other features. It will work over FiOS and DSL.

Home monitoring and control isn’t new for Motorola, but until recently the company’s cable and telco customers weren’t ready to invest in the technology. Now with pervasive broadband, and the rise of networked homes, operators are judging that the time is right. Soon our connected homes will become smart homes as well.

Favorite Posts from 2010, Part 2

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, here are some of my favorite posts from the second half of 2010.

July: New Multi-Room DVR: Pause Live TV, Record Anywhere – covering a multi-room DVR deployment with Cincinnati Bell including features not available in larger operator environments

August: VOD Economics: Are We There Yet? – on collapsing release windows and other signs that the economics for VOD are improving

September: Perceptual Video Processing Cuts Bitrate in Half – how to use PVP to cut bandwidth requirements while maintaining video quality

October: What Ever Happened to CMTS Silver? – discussing the future of upstream bandwidth

November: Options for Cable IP Video Deliverydetailing different ways for cable operators to deliver video over IP

December: From Wireless Gateways to AllVid, A Look Back – on the evolution of gateways in the home

IPv6 Trend in Cable Modems

If you read CableLabs’ most recent modem certification report (and really, why wouldn’t you?) you’ll notice that more and more of the hardware certified is IPv6-compliant. In fact, in the last two cert waves, all of the modems certified are listed as supporting the newer protocol.

Depending on which reports you read, we’re on a course to run out of IPv4 addresses some time in the next two to twelve months. This likely won’t have a major effect on consumers, but ISPs have had to get aggressive about managing the transition, and that includes making sure modem manufacturers are supporting the switch. Luckily, the migration to DOCSIS 3.0 created a window for IPv6 upgrades as well. It’s nice when the timing works out.

The most recent CableLabs certification wave, CW 79, included four new D3 modems. Among them- the Motorola SVG7540 voice gateway. In addition to being IPv6 compliant, the SVG7540 was certified for DOCSIS 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, as well as PacketCable 1.0 and 1.5.