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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of November 28

This week, Silicon Valley Business Journal honored Nate Williams, senior director for Motorola Mobility’s Converged Experiences Group, as one of its 40 under 40! Williams oversees several of Motorola’s devices that connect users to their home, such as Motorola’s 4Home home automation technology.

In other news, Cablevision Systems recently debuted a commercial showing off its DVR Plus network digital video recorder service. Cablevision’s nDVR gives subscribers the ability to record up to four shows simultaneously. Additionally, Mashable reports that YouTube will undergo a massive redesign this week, highlighting different YouTube channels on the main homepage. NewTeeVee claims that this design overhaul will become the Internet’s answer to cable TV. Online streaming has rapidly increased over the past 12 months and cable operators are considering charging subscribers based on their usage patterns. If cable providers upped their prices, would you cancel your Netflix and Hulu subscriptions?

1. 40 Under 40: Nate Williams (Dec. 1) – Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal: Tech vet Williams, 35, has had careers in Hollywood (with talent agency William Morris), Wall Street (with J.P. Morgan & Co.), and — after a graduate program in Australia and backpacking through Asia — has landed in Silicon Valley at Motorola Mobility.

2. Cablevision Pushes Network DVR Upgrades In TV Spot (Nov. 28) – By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News: Cablevision Systems is touting the ability to record up to four shows simultaneously with is DVR Plus network-based digital video recorder service in a new commercial.

3. YouTube Gets Its Biggest Makeover Ever, Becomes More Google-Like (Dec. 1) – By Chris Taylor, Mashable: We already knew about YouTube’s redesign, which tech-savvy readers have been enabling for the past 10 days. As of now, however, the new YouTube is available to everyone.

4. YouTube reinvents itself with massive relaunch (Dec. 1) – By Janko Roettgers, NewTeeVee: YouTube is rolling out one of its most ambitious redesigns since its launch in 2006 this Thursday afternoon, putting channels front and center in an attempt to become the Internet’s answer to cable TV. 

5. Will usage-based pricing kill the streaming video star? (Nov. 30) – By Ryan Lawler, NewTeeVee: Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are attracting more eyeballs every month, stealing attention away from traditional TV.

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